About Us

Panel MooseTM is owned and managed by Insightrix Research, Inc. with the purpose of assembling and maintaining a large panel of Canadian residents who are willing to participate in research, sharing their opinions and preferences on a wide variety of subjects.

Panel MooseTM members help business leaders understand what matters to Canadians by completing fun and interesting surveys and, thereby, influence the future of products, services and issues that are important to them.

What makes our panel different?

We value your time.
Most paid panels use a buckshot approach to sampling. They invite large amounts of people to complete a paid survey. However, after going through pages and pages of questions many panellists are simply kicked out of the survey without reward. The reason for this is that it is cheaper for them to waste your time than it is for them to sort through their paneliist data and carefully select a representative sample.

We feel this approach is disrespectful to the panellists. Our surveys use targeted quotas and prescreening to reduce the amount of people who are rejected from a survey prematurely. When we do require additional screening questions, we ask them immediately upfront so as to not waste your time. Some panellists will be screened out on occasion due to demographic quotas filling up. We still feel that your time is valuable, so we enter all panellists invited to a survey into a monthly draw. We’ll do our best to ensure your time is respected.

We pay well.
Many panels offer only pennies for your time. We feel that a high quality panel is worth more than that. While other major panel companies pay a few nickels for a short survey and maybe a $1.25 for a half hour one, we set our rewards anywhere from $.15 to $5.00, with a typical 15 min survey paying $2.00!

We’ll partner with your charity.
We have a long history of allowing panellists to donate their points to the charity of their choice. Your choice, not ours. Don’t see your charity on our list of charities? Email us and we’ll fix that right away!

We respect your privacy
As a gold seal accredited member of the MRIA check it out! we are bound to honor your privacy. We will never share your personal contact information with anyone for any reason. We will never try to sell you anything, or allow your participation in our panel to be used to attempt to sell you anything by anyone. We want your opinion. That’s what matters. That’s the point.

You can talk to us.
You’d think this wouldn’t be a bragging point, but we actually read our emails. We actually have a phone number with a real live person that answers it. Call us old-school.

This site was built for research purposes only. Your contact information will not be shared and you will not be the target of SPAM or unauthorized emails as a result of joining Panel MooseTM or visiting this site. We work hard to earn and keep our member’s trust. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact us: Contact Panel MooseTM

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